Comfortable Luxury. Timeless style. 

The Brand

NIKKE HORRIGAN is the quintessential of Australian luxury with an element of ease.

We redefine classics by working with simple patterns that create a clean modern silhouette for the well-dress man of today. We take pride in providing stylish pieces that reflect high-quality, impeccable fit, and excellent craftsmanship.

Nikke Horrigan is an Australian menswear brand that puts an emphasis on the concept of designing around a lifestyle. At Nikke Horrigan, we focus on the modern gentleman who is inspired by travel, culture, fitness and fashion.

The Designer

NIKKE is Nicholas Horrigan, a revolutionary fashion designer born with a vision to create an easy-to-wear luxury lifestyle brand.

Growing up, Nikke Horrigan was always brimming with curiosity, a trait that his parents encouraged. Like every other boy his age, he loved playing a lot of sports and being outdoors. This curiosity grew and even at such a young age, he already exhibited interest in fashion and was very particular about the clothes he wore.

Before he struck gold in the fashion industry, he worked as an underground coal miner. He’d don his work gear and head deep into the mines for a day of hard work. Thus, he knows exactly how important comfortable and durable clothes are. He also knows how it’s possible to be rough around the edges but still be elegant in style.

Now, he is in pursuit of his childhood dream of building his own fashion brand, NIKKE HORRIGAN. The brand name pays homage to his mother who nicknamed him Nikke and who was fully supportive of his fashion pursuits since his childhood.

The Future of Fashion

NIKKE HORRIGAN aspires to be the Ralph Lauren of the new generation and become an iconic brand that depicts a luxurious lifestyle.

While our focus right now is menswear, expect to see an expanded range of that includes womenswear, accessories, and fragrance.