Who Is Nikke Horrigan? 

Nicholas Horrigan is an Australian menswear designer for his namesake label “Nikke Horrigan”

Horrigan had an unconventional start into fashion. He was born into a small working-class family as an only child. He gained his first exposure to fashion during shopping trips with his mother. There he developed a deep fascination and understanding for fashion-not as items of clothing but rather an extension of one’s self. His mother often called him “Nikke” for short, hence why he named the brand NIKKE HORRIGAN in acknowledgment of his mother’s influence growing up. 

Horrigan was shaped by his father’s working-class values. Before taking the plunge into the fashion world, he tried his hand at more traditional, blue collar work. He spent time as an apprentice in various trades, joined the Navy then later found himself working as an underground coal miner. 

Without a degree or trade, he knew the coal mines was his only hope to build a decent life for himself. However, his life reached a major turning point when he lost his job. Horrigan found himself hitting rock-bottom so to speak but it was a blessing in disguise, it inspired him to create his own business and purse a life in fashion. 

Nikke Horrigan is a unique designer driven by an intense passion and authenticity. Without any formal fashion background, he set out to create a vision. Mixing vintage European styles with a more relaxed Australian aesthetic, the brand has gained a cult following for its easy-to-wear pieces, which are perfect for dressing down stylishly.