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Nicholas Horrigan is an Australian fashion designer and founder of his namesake menswear brand Nikke Horrigan.


Growing up, Nicholas was always brimming with curiosity, a trait that his parents encouraged. Like most boys his age, he loved playing sports and being outdoors. This curiosity grew and even at such a young age, he already exhibited interest in fashion and was very particular about the clothes he wore.


Before Nicholas was a fashion a designer, he worked as an underground coal miner and what seemed like a great career path was killing him inside. Shortly after, Nicholas decided he needed to follow his heart and Nikke Horrigan was born.


The brand name pays homage to his mother who nicknamed him “Nikke” who was fully supportive of his fashion pursuits since his childhood.


Nikke Horrigan’s aesthetics reflects his love for travel and sports. A fusion between luxury and leisurewear, a perfect balance of comfort and elegance. Inspired by summer holiday adventures, the line takes a modest approach to colour and fabric and is filled with relaxed, wearable shapes and light-hearted prints.

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